Sunday, May 10, 2009

So Nice

I went to see the Mets play today on Mother's Day with my lovely girl Trish who is a fantastic Mom. When we drove into the parking lot, I thought I had taken a wrong turn and arrived at the Domino's headquarters. When we walked into the main entrance and were going up the escalator, I cracked that I felt like I was in a shopping mall. And that is true, but it was a very upscale baseball oriented shopping mall that I was imagining. When we entered an elevator to go up to our seating level (Excelsior), Trish was very confused about the nicely dressed elevator attendant that was pushing the buttons and announcing the levels. To her it just seemed out of place, and to be honest, it did to me too. Picture yourself walking in circles on concrete ramps as you have so many times in the past (if you are baseball or football fan, or if you've seen concerts at the old NY stadiums). Definitely an interesting start to our day at Citi Field.

When we got off the elevator on the 5th floor (Excelsior), I immediately started going towards what I knew was the third base line side of the field. I brought us right to our seats and we sat down and started watching the game. Trish turned to me and said that it seemed like I knew exactly where I was going. I told her that the signage was great and it was very easy to know where you were going if you knew your section number.

After a few innings we decided to take a walk out to out Taste of the City section and walkway behind the outfield. As we first entered the Left Field side of the walkway, I was immediately struck by how it reminded me of KeySpan Park in Coney Island, but of course this is the Major Leagues and it was so much better. It is very cool that they have a lot of tables out there and cup holders for people that lean against the rails. The auction table is in an unobtrusive segment of the walkway and is not a major impediment. It was really nice to be able to just walk around and see the game and check out the accouterments all at the same time.

We returned to our seats for the last few innings and had a good day at TARP field. Being a Yankees fan. I am rather disappointed that I saw the Mets new home before I saw a game at the new Yankee Stadium. That is what a rainout will do to you as I had tickets for last Sunday's Yankees game that was rained out.

My point with this post is remind myself and others what an outdated dump NVMC is and state that the Islanders badly need a new or renovated home. If it takes surrounding infrastructure to make that happen, so be it. Remember folks, the Lighthouse is a privately funded project and not coming out of your tax money.