Thursday, July 30, 2009

Save NYI Point Blank

Yesterday evening after work, I opened my web browser and clicked on the tab for Chris Botta's must read blog to see what was new in Islanders world. I did not go to the official website, I did not go to other blogs which I consider essential Islanders reading, I went to "The Source", also known as NYI Point Blank. I saw the report on Jack Hillen's signing and was very happy with that news. 90 Minutes later, I refreshed that tab and was greeted with news I did not want to see. NYI Point Blank is essentially defunct. Now this was not unexpected, but the reason for it was surprising.

I had thought that Mr. Botta might move onto greener (or more lucrative) pastures based upon his 20 years of experience working for the Islanders including many years serving as the team's Vice President of Media Relations. I never expected the reason to be that the Islanders were pulling the plug on this successful interest generating sponsored blog operation . This may be a bottom line decision about dollars versus the income it creates, however it would seem to be shortsighted decision.

The Islanders have a wide range of community outreach and assistance programs. All of which serve three interlinked purposes. The first to be a good corporate citizen (which is great for public image). The second is to help those who could use some assistance in their lives including but not limited to having a good night out at a hockey game. The third is to generate interest in the team not only from people who will buy tickets and merchandise, but almost more importantly from children who will hopefully become lifelong fans. One could propose that NYI Point Blank contributes to the mission of the third purpose listed above. There is a wide age spectrum to the readership of NYI Point Blank as has been evidenced in comment section of that blog many times.

Finally and most importantly. NYI Point Blank has become the authoritative source for Islanders information. Losing this "voice" will be a major hit to the team's fan base. Don't let it happen. Reach out to the team in any capacity necessary and let them know how you feel.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

C. Wang on Mike'd Up on WFAN

Here is a link to today's long winded discussion between two self proclaimed hockey ignorant people about the New York Islanders and the proposed Lighthouse Project.