Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Premier Post

Hi Folks. I'm starting this blog to accomplish two tasks. First off, I've grown increasingly fascinated by the blogging scene and want to take the plunge and see how I do with it. Second of all and to get to the subject at hand, the Islanders need scoring big time. I've named the blog The Five Hole because the Islanders need to improve in their ability to score goals and hopefully shove a bunch of them through the opposing goalies five hole.

As we all know the team is intending to build from within with a scattering of quality free agent signings rounding out the sharp edges of a very youthful team. I agree with this strategy though it has been a rough season to sit in the stands (this is my first season as a "full season" season ticket holder). However the suffering of today may lead to joy tomorrow or more likely in a few years. If things proceed the way they seem to be going, the Islanders will have either the first or second overall pick in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft. If somehow the Islanders lose the draft lottery and fall to second place, it will be understandable if they grab Victor Hedman who is a draft stud defenseman. Nevertheless, this team needs John Tavares and the NHL goal scoring ability that he currently projects.

If the Islanders do pick second, I would expect John Tavares to be unavailable and the team will have virtually no choice but to pick Victor Hedman. I would not expect the Islanders to trade down unless somehow they could end up with the third pick and another in the fourth through sixth grouping. If somehow this did occur, I would expect them to take Matt Duchene and Brayden Schenn. That being said, I find this scenario extremely unlikely to occur. We need the best player possible but a goal scoring stud is preferable.

In my next post, I plan to give my own view (based upon research) of the top prospects in the Islanders system. I hope you have enjoyed this inaugural post of The Five Hole.

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  1. Nicely written, sassy. I would like to see you also move into the baseball area, as I have mixed feelings about the moves made by Los Yanquis and am also curious about this new book I keep hearing of, the Joe Torre thing.