Monday, March 15, 2010

Parking Price Conundrum

Over this past weekend from Friday to Sunday, I read much conjecture on the ever popular Islanders Point Blank blog (by Chris Botta) about the pending increase in parking prices at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum (NVMC). By Sunday afternoon, it seemed pretty clear that the prices for next season would be $15 for Preferred Parking and $10 for General Parking. Preferred Parking would be in what is currently called Breakaway Parking (for Season Ticket Holders) and possibly others areas immediately surrounding the building while General Parking would be in the outlying parking areas on the Coliseum property.

Much to my surprise when I arrived at the game last night versus the Toronto Maple Leafs the new sign above the parking gate that I entered read the prices that are cited above. I am currently a season ticket holder and I had my Breakaway Parking pass so I did not have to pay this rate, but I was rather shocked to see that these new prices were being implemented immediately. I mentioned this to a few season tickets holders inside the game who seemed very surprised to hear this news. But wait, the story does not end there.

My full time job is in within one mile of the NVMC. So today I decided to go out at lunch and capture a picture of this sign on my cell phone for use on this blog. When I got to the Breakaway Parking entrance it was closed and I could not approach the sign so I drove around to the Charles Lindbergh Blvd entrance across from Nassau Community College. When I got there, there were also new signs above each of the approximately five gates, but these signs cited the prices that we are all used to, which is $7 for General Parking and $14 for Oversized Vehicles. Now I was really puzzled. So I drove through the lot and made my way to the Breakaway Parking entrance, where I discovered that out of the signs posted above these four parking gates, three cited the old prices and one cited the new higher prices (this being the gate I entered through last night). Finally I drove to the Hempstead Turnpike entrance where I also saw new signs posted above the approximately seven parking gates at this entrance. These signs all listed the old $7 and $14 prices as well.

So it would appear that Standard Parking, which is the new company handling parking at NVMC, wanted to put up signs that reflected their business. Obviously signs citing the new prices have already been prepared and one of these signs was mistakenly put in place over the weekend. I’ve made a couple of assumptions here but I would fully expect the new prices to immediately go into effect for the first event to take place at NVMC after the Islanders season ends on April 11, 2010.