Sunday, March 7, 2010

The State of the Islanders Address

So this is my first post in a long while, I felt like I had something to say that is different from what I have been reading on my regular Islanders stops. This is basically my view on the future of the Islanders as they are currently constructed. Most of our top prospects are either injured, just recovering from injury or are playing in the KHL (Petrov). Money will be spent this summer. Guaranteed!

Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA) Forwards - Sim, Weight, and Jackman will not be back. By the way that is $4.5 million in Salary Caps hit combined. Richard Park could stick around for one more year.

UFA Defenseman Frederick Meyer IV will likely be extended before July 1st.

Of the Islanders Restricted Free Agent ‘property’, I only expect Rob Schremp and Matt Moulson to be signed for next year. Moulson XXX should get a $1 million contract as reward for his service this season. If his productivity continues next year expect him to get a two to three year extension at about $2 million a year. Rob Schremp will probably get a modest raise next season from his $715,000 salary this season.

When Coach Gordon is asked if they are still trying to make the playoffs, the answer that follows should not invite further questions. He does not need to answer organizational decisions. That is the General Manager’s job.

Reporter: Are you still trying to make the playoffs?

Coach Gordon: We are trying to win every game.

Reporter: So, you are still trying to make the playoffs?

Coach Gordon: As I said, we are trying to win every game we play.

That would be Jack Ryan style.

I don’t understand the Sutton trade without that second round pick and one of our goalies being packaged for a first round pick. Maybe a potential follow up trade fell apart.

Has anyone ever thought about the fact that if the organization did a buy out of Rick DiPietro’s contract, that it would only cost the team $2.25 million against the salary cap per year even if it is for the next 24 seasons. How can that really be considered different from $4.50 million for the next 12 seasons? You can only plan so far ahead. A buyout could or even possibly should be coming.

Brendan Witt’s contract will be bought out after this season (unless Snow puts him through Re-Entry Waivers knowing there is a taker). This is not going to be a Jon Sim resurrection project where Witter turns into Steve Webb for the 2010-11 season.

It is unfortunate that Joel Rechlicz that was sent to Bridgeport to get game time and experience has spent a lot of game time as a healthy scratch. He is signed for next season.

Au Revoir for next season:

I wish good luck to Sean Bergenheim wherever he lands up, whether it be in the NHL, Sweden or the KHL.

To Jeff Tambellini, I wish you much success with whatever Western Conference team that you sign with.

The New York Islanders will not be competitive for the rest of the season. With the trade of Andy Sutton and the loss of Andrew MacDonald due to injury, our defense is decimated. Welcome to the NHL Dylan Reese, enjoy your stay.

The organization is approaching the line of no return. Suck it up for the rest of the season. That is…almost…okay. Get the best picks you can and then spend some money. Bolster the young talent with some players that can not only protect our younger players but can also contribute to their development.

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  1. Joel did spend a lot of time on IR with an infection in his hand which effected his tendons.

    Andy Sutton: Well, maybe he's just renting him out for a few weeks. Maybe he'll be back. Do we really know?