Monday, February 16, 2009

Captain Crosby from the Planet Krypton

First off Islanders won 3-2 in the shootout versus the Pittsburgh Penguins. We take it from there.

I don't get it...maaaan. Until the third period, it seemed like Islanders players were actually skating away from Sydney Crosby when he had the puck. As if he were Islanders Kryptonite and if they got close to the kid they would actually weaken and turn into ho-hum hockey players. Oh wait never mind, these are the Islanders.

It was a very good day at the old barn. A sell out crowd of 16,234 on Kid's Day Too. In my section there was not an inordinate amount of kids, but there certainly were a ton of them at NVMC as a whole. My eardrums can attest to that. The kids got to see a good game and they saw an exciting shootout win. That's good for the future fan base right? During overtime, it was definitely the loudest that the building has been all season and that has nothing to do with high pitched screaming voices. The "Let's Go Islanders" chant , that lasted almost a minute, bordered on deafening.

Joey MacDonald had a good game, though his rebound control is becoming a major point of concern for me. That being said, he only let in one shot in the shootout and got the win, so good job.

Mike Comrie continues to be a conundrum. Sometimes he looks like total sh*t out there and other times he surprises with unusual hockey sense and really creates chances. I'll take a late second round pick or a third one for him at this point.

Jeff Tambellini while he scored in the shootout, continues to disappoint. On one play in the Pittsburgh defensive zone in the second period, he passed the puck to "nobody" and then fell on the ice. I know it is one play, but it really serves as a picture of his play this year.


Chris Campoli (NYI) - 1st P 11:34
Evgeni "Geno" Malkin - 1st P 18:07
Frans Nielsen (NYI) - 2nd P 13:26
Ryan Whitney - 2nd P 17:07

Shootout Goals:

Frans Nielsen (NYI)
Petr Sykora
Jeff Tambellini (NYI)

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